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True Open Networking

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Shasta enables you to break free from the proprietary approach to enterprise networking. We don’t see value in architectures which limit; our focus is driving simplicity and providing value. 


Shasta Cloud open solution:

  • Shasta bundles curated 3rd party enterprise grade hardware (Wi-Fi APs and Ethernet Switches)

  • These whitebox solutions are certified by Shasta; we are the single point of contact for the entire solution

  • Our open approach breaks traditional vendor lock-in, reduces costs, and provides a diverse choice of platforms with a more robust supply chain

  • Full API's for partners to integrate Shasta into their tech stack (trouble ticketing, billing, ordering, logistics, and network management)

Lifecycle Management


Shasta is laser focused on automating the complete lifecycle of enterprise networks, starting with the site survey and continuing through steps that include the planning, deploying, operating, and ultimately upgrading and refreshing network technology.

Shasta's extensive automation increases the MSP's operational efficiency with a consistent outcome.

Evergreen Hardware

Image by Noah Silliman

Shasta's hardware technology refresh ensures the client always has the latest technology, and saves the business the need to go through another vendor evaluation process every few years, further enabling the MSP to build truly long-term relationships with their customers. 

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