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Simplicity Redefined


NaaS platform to streamline and accelerate MSP deployments

Geometric Structure

How is Shasta Cloud™ NaaS different?

  • All-inclusive monthly subscription

  • Includes Cloud, Software, Hardware, Support

  • Automation for MSPs to plan, deploy, & operate

  • Unique supply chain diversity

  • Transparent pricing with predictable outcomes

Minimal Office

Simplicity instead of complexity

  • Consistent, repeatable, scalable

  • Reduction in cost of people and hardware

  • Open approach to networking - no vendor lock-in

  • Applies to design, installation and operations

Building Facade

Supercharging MSPs

  • Boost efficiency of customer acquisition

  • Expand your market reach, increase margin

  • Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Future proof your network - always the latest technology

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